SOL SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER 0140-1246, Fire Lite Fuel Cubes, 12 Cubes Per Bag 6.88 oz, 8 min Burn Time

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The essentials in cold weather survival is staying warm and the all-weather fire cubes are a professional-grade fire starter that can come in handy in an emergency. Each cube is waterproof and wind-proof, able to be lit in even the worst weather. Each cube can burn for 8 min or you can have multiple fires by dividing each cube into eight smaller pieces that'll burn for 2 to 3 min. They can get up to 1300 deg F, hot enough to boil 16 oz of water in 10 min. You can keep yourself warm with a campfire and get yourself essential disinfected water with the fire cubes. The fire fuel burns completely smokeless and odorless and is non-toxic, helping to reduce environmental impact. They also do not include fossil fuels, to make your camping trip a little more forest friendly. They won't weigh down your survival gear, each cube weighs only 0.2 oz making them compact and lightweight enough for any pack. Each set contains four pack of 12 cubes, for a total of 48 cubes. That is enough to stay warm and drink safely when cold weather and disaster strikes. Stay safe and stay warm with the S.O.L. all weather fire cubes.
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  • Start your stove or fire in seconds, Fire Lite™ fuel cubes ignite with a single spark, for an easy cooking fuel or campfire starter that saves you time and effort
  • Cook your camp food without worries with this stove fuel, these fire blocks burn clean, contain no fossil fuels and are sustainably sourced from upcycled waste crop vegetation
  • Pack these fire cubes for easy, long-lasting fuel, a single cube burns at 1300 deg for 8 min and can boil 500 mL of water, while two cubes used together burn for 12 min
  • Grab your folding stove and some fuel cubes for ultralight camp cooking equipment, these fuel blocks are compatible with most folding cook stoves
  • Add to your pack, campfire cooking equipment or travel bag for dependable fuel and fires starters wherever you go, the individually wrapped blocks weigh a mere 0.5 oz each
  • Build your fire or power your cook stove in the most extreme conditions of driving rain, wind, snow or cold, fire lite fuel cubes light and burn even when wet
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