Our Story & Culture

Brand History

In 1959, when Idaho had half the number of people it has today, a couple of fellows named Dutch and Bud set up a farming wholesale store in the rural agricultural town of Caldwell. Even then, D&B was a one-stop shop where you could find everything you needed to keep your farm running.

D&B expanded throughout the decades into a chain of stores in Idaho and Oregon that offers a wide selection of quality products to farmers, ranchers, and homeowners.

Like the original Caldwell location, each store is stocked to serve those who live and work in the West. Our customers are independent farmers, ranchers, and owners of small acreages. They are also tradesmen, pet owners, gardeners, rodeo goers, and homemakers. They love the land they live on, the animals they keep, and the families they raise.

D&B sets itself apart by the high level of hands-on knowledge and expertise our employees bring to their day-to-day interactions. Our customers always find a familiar face, experienced advice, the quality goods they expect and the service they deserve.

We often hear our customers say,

“If D&B doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.”

We agree.

Brand Ethos

Here in Our West

"Service means providing something meaningful and useful to our customer. Sometimes service takes the form of help with a gardening tip or simply walking across the store to show someone where the shoes are, and other times it is about just being a genuine person relating to other real people in our stores, online, and in our community.

Steeped in rough-hewn tradition, D&B Supply is a company built to serve those that live and love the northwest, including ranchers, farmers, and suburbanites who feel a real connection to the land, their animals, and the outdoors.

We serve folks who work the land with tractors and fingers alike, growing acres of onions or a few gorgeous red tomatoes. Some of our best customers have hundreds of head of cattle grazing in wide open places, and others have a single labrador retriever or terrier patrolling a fenced and manicured backyard.

Our company is special because it shares a common set of values with our customers that we believe are especially important here in our West."

- Mark R. Schmitt

President, D&B Supply

3303 East Linden Street, Caldwell, Idaho 83605. (208) 486-0824.

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