GARY YAMAMOTO CUSTOM BAITS 134-06-297 Fishing Bait, Zako Swimbait, Black Flake/Green Pumpkin Bait, 6, Bag

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mpn #: 134-06-297
The new zako swimbait was designed by Elite Angler Brett Hite and it's his bait of choice as a swimbait trailer when he's slinging chatterbaits or he's in the mood to flip. I wanted a lure to mimic a bluegill or a shad, but I wanted a fish profile with a bigger belly. It needed to be beefy enough to hold a hook or jig, says Elite Angler Brett Hite, who finished 2nd this year at Winyah Bay primarily fishing the zako. Additionally, Brett wanted to keep the tail action tight, similar to an actual baitfish, so we designed the tail with accordion-style cuts and a flanged tail which keeps the action minimal. Hook set ratios are also improved as the tail folds in on itself when the fish bite. Another key feature of the zako which is exceptionally useful when rigging it as a flip bait is the center line on the top of the bait you'll always know you're rigging it dead center and that means the zako will always run true.
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