BLUE FOX Classic Vibrax 60-40-213IC Fishing Lure, Spinner, Brass/Stainless Steel, Fluorescent Red/Gold Lure

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mpn #: 60-40-213IC
Runs 2 to 6 ft. The patented two-part body emits low frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist. The Classic Vibrax® gets a tasty candyback. Colored bell is accented with metallic flecks. Blade is tipped in matching color, while blade back is finished with transparent, fluorescent coordinating color. Flaw-free silver plating, fine tolerances and super-sharp hooks are long standing features of this low frequency emitting patented two-part body spinner.
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  • Patented two part body made of machined brass
  • Body emits sonic vibration when free turning gear rubs against the Vibrax® bell
  • Brass stamped blades
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • VMC® Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and perfectly tempered for strength
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Manufacturer Part Number 60-40-213IC

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