Siemens QA120AFC Circuit Breaker, AFCI, Combination, 20 A, 1 -Pole, 120/240 V, Fixed Trip, Plug Mounting

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mpn #: QA120AFC
Plug-in, combination type CAFCI circuit breaker, complies with the requirements for both branch/feeder and outlet circuit CAFCIs. Required on January 1, 2008 by 2005 NEC, combination type CAFCI circuit breakers must be placed on bedroom power and lighting circuits. Protects downstream branch circuit wiring and cord sets and power supply cords. Provides ARC fault, overload and short circuit protection. UL listed. Protects against worn electrical insulation or damaged wire, misapplied or damaged plug-in appliances and equipment and loose electrical connections. 2 LEDs appear for 5 secs each time the CAFCI is turned on, up to 30 days after the last trip to indicate last known trip condition. One LED means arcing fault. Two LEDs means arcing fault to ground. 10 kA interrupting rating. UL listed, 120 VAC. Wire range 14 to 8 AWG. 1 in space, 120 V.
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  • Detects all three possible types of arc faults such as line-to-ground, line-to-neutral and Series
  • Intended to mitigate the effects of parallel arcs by de-energizing the circuit when an arc-fault is detected
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SKU 2044592
Brand Siemens
Manufacturer Part Number QA120AFC

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